We began in 2010 , We were two guys almost unemployed . The first site we have sold over 8.000r . and successfully disrupted the work had to return back 4.000r . :)
But we were in a rush , because the worst could no longer be left only with humor refers to the situation . We have all day phoned us and offered their services , all of us send some promised to think . But of the 300 calls , we were able to catch one or two orders . After 6 months and came Kivennapa website worth 150.000r, It was happiness , a year later came PVG and the site has already cost 300.000r .

After 1.5 years we have become to 8 people , we opened the SEO department , through a 2.5 year bought our own office . When three years old, we went to the roof of the success and money. This is a very severe test and a lesson . Soon it will be five years , we have made a lot of mistakes and gained invaluable experience , but it certainly can say that will solve any problem in web development . Now , many employees had children , mostly girls , and again we have worked very hard in the first year of life of the company .